Welcome to the Barton County Rescue & Recovery website.

Barton County Rescue & Recovery (BCR&R) was established in 2012 by order of the Barton County Missouri Commission under the direction of the Barton County Emergency Management Agency to serve as a dive team for the region. Since then, BCR&R has expanded our skills, qualifications, and services we provide into search and rescue and other related aspects of emergency services. 

Barton County Rescue & Recovery is honored to serve our communities including Barton County, Southwest Missouri, and the surrounding 4 state area.

We are an ERDI (Emergency Response Divers International) Public Safety Diving certified team. The ERDI program is the only Public Safety Diver training program recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security.

BCR&R provides:
*Swift Water Rescue
*Public Safety Diving/underwater recovery
*Rehab Support during emergency scenes
*Land Based Search & Rescue Operations
*Disaster Response Search and Rescue & Urban Search & Rescue
*Large Scale Incident Command Assistance




T.A.D.D. (Turn Around Don't Drown)

Anytime storms hit, we must all be aware of the dangers and hazards that come with the storms. Along with the risk of thunder, lightning, hail, and strong winds, there is rain. Storms and rain showers can cause area rivers and streams to rise quickly. Every year over 100 people are killed and many more are injured by trying to drive across flooded roads. This does not only apply to vehicles. You should never try to swim, canoe, kayak, etc... in flooded waters. The current is much stronger than normal and can easily hide dangerous debris such as branches, large rocks, and even complete trees can travel downstream entirely submerged. For more information and to see videos of how easily water can become dangerous in a flood, click here.